Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 217...still 185

Ok, so I didn't end up getting the treadmill I spoke of yesterday. I went to go get it, and lo and behold, it was the LAST one Sports Chalet had...I could have the floor model for a smokin' price, BUT, with no warranty available. No thanks...Went to Sears...can I tell you, I dislike Sears very much...the two that I liked THERE were also THE LAST ONES...floor models. SO, I had to come home and pick one off the internet. Through Sears.com, no less. I sure hope I don't regret the following words: Sears.com was a decent experience, even when I had to call customer service to let them know they overcharged me...they were very lovely. It's supposed to be delivered tomorrow (?!), but we'll see...(photo above is the one I selected...it has the iFit program, built in iPod docking area, and a bunch of other crap I'll probably never use...)

Spent the whole day in the classroom, trying to make heads or tails of what's all in there. I'm moving into a new classroom, and my co-teacher, whom I adore...is a little disorganized.

Tonight I'm having a (VERY) belated birthday dinner with a friend, while the fam goes to see the new(ish) Batman movie. Should be a nice evening!

Ohhhh, and guess what?! I get to visit my ducks on Thursday! I cannot TELL you how excited I am!!!

Big love,



Fatinah said...

small bottle of bailey's indeed - you're SO FUNNY!!!!

Fatinah said...

I hope we will get to see a picture of you with your ducks!

Kim said...

Congrats on your new treadmill!! I hope that you love it - well, as much as anyone could possibly love a treadmill anyway. :)