Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 199...180

My little food indiscretion last night got me an extra pound of water weight, I'm sure! Isn't that funny? Actually, I was surprised it was only a pound. I FEEL puffy today, though!

Today is my baby boy's birthday!!! He's 13 today! 13 years ago, right about now, I was walking the hallways to try and speed up the labor. He was a month early...wasn't expecting him to come at that time, but he's always hated small, cramped spaces! I'm so proud of my kidlet, I just can't even express it. He's a ray of sunshine on the darkest day.

His birthday dinner tonight will consist of his favorite foods. I figured out how many calories I will likely consume, and I'm estimating around 1200 for ONE MEAL! I'm going to think of ways to cut that down...I know it's a celebration, but...I don't need to eat ALL of my normally allotted calories in one meal, folks...especially not with the reunion only 24 hours away! I'll be puffed up like a poison toad! The truth is, I don't have a camera. My husband does. And to ask him to take a picture of me sounds silly and vain. If I happen to have one taken at the reunion, though, I will seriously consider posting it. I've asked for a camera for birthdays, Christmas, etc...for a few years now... guess the husband doesn't think I need one, because I've never gotten one. Suppose I'll need to buy it myself.



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