Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Day 197...180 pounds

Made it to the gym today. Had a VERY busy day and could've easily decided to skip the ole work out, but...I knew it would be a far, far better thing for me to get that work out in. So glad I did!

I'm bummed that I'll need to cancel my gym membership next month. Next school year is going to be exceedingly busy for me, and I know myself...I'm not going to want to rush home after school, supervise daughter's homework, cook/clean/do other household stuff, and THEN go to the gym. I just won't do it. I know myself. Mornings won't work at all... I have GOT to get a treadmill here for the house. But how... I can't do with a cheapo $400 one. Belts aren't wide enough, the machine isn't heavy enough... There's not too many things I'll spend money on... my hair is one of them, and, me thinks...good gym equipment is the other one. I'll shop sales for clothes until my feet are blistered. I'll visit 25 web sites to get the best deal on a hotel. I'll drive an 11 year old mini van. I use coupons at WALMART, for heaven's sake! I wouldn't call myself "cheap," though. "Careful" is more the word I'd use ;~)

Got an email from my best friend of 32 years about our reunion on Saturday. I shared with her that I was feeling less than stellar about myself right now, and that I was hesitant to go. She told me that EVERY person she's talked to about the reunion has expressed similar thoughts about themselves. Seems no one is immune... Inside we're all the same awkward, unsure 12 year old.

FATINAH asked if I'd post a picture of myself dressed for the reunion. (deep breath) Gosh, I don't know. It's so hard to LOOK at myself, especially in a photo. But maybe. No promises. The dress, though...I like it!




Tigerlilly said...

It seems like a problem we all have. The 'I'm not good enough yet' syndrome.

I think the important thing we need to learn right now is to enjoy ourselves.. no matter how much we weight. Life is short and if we wait until we have the perfect body...well, then we would never be happy.

Dress up, go, dance, flirt... HAVE FUN!!!!!

PS... a pic would be great!!

Kim said...

Well, you know that I just went to my reunion a few weeks ago too. The closer it got the more nervous I was, but I am so glad that I went. And the funny thing is that the more people I talked to, the more I found out that everyone was super nervous about going. Who knew??? I hope you go and have the time of your life!!!!

I vote for us getting to see a picture of you too!! :)

Fatinah said...

I think dough spent on a good, quality treadmill would be $$ well spent indeed. It will last you forever that way, and will not result in unwanted injuries.....

On the picture front....I think you should start taking pictures of yourself and just spend a few moments looking at the positives. Really re-inforce some good, quality positive self talk. Our little community is always so quick to focus on what we need to change - we often forget that there are many things that don't need changing.....