Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 205; weigh in tomorrow, but it's not gonna be pretty!

So, I'll weigh in tomorrow (Friday), bit it's nearly my TOM, so...I doubt it's going to be anything worth jumping up and down about. I am SO stuck, losing, then gaining back, the SAME 5 pounds over and over again. It's been this way since November. NOVEMBER, y'all! "November," as in: pumpkin pie, turkey (well, Tofurky for me), stuffing, cranberry sauce...stressing out about holiday shopping. THAT November. *sigh* I've got to figure out WHY I don't seem to want to lose anymore, because clearly it's ME that's keeping me from losing more.

In other news (a la Tom Tucker), something is going on with me, though...maybe it was posting my ACTUAL picture, making me feel all brave...I don't know...anyway, guess what I did last night? No, no...not THAT...gross...I took a belly dancing class last night. It was fun. It was difficult. It was hot in that room. I was sweating. It's not so easy to isolate your tummy muscles and NOT move your hips. But, I pressed on. I figured that I should use my God given ample hips for something useful, and perhaps get those tummy muscles in better shape. I think it'll work!

What else...OH! I got my whole face waxed on Saturday (I hate hair...take it off my arms,, I don't have Sasquatch arms, I just hate hair) for the first time. Little did I should not put ANYthing on their face for 24-48 hours afterwards, lest she want to greatly up the chances of a major breakout. Well, the sweet little gal who did my face neglected to tell me that, despite me talking about how I had an important event THAT NIGHT (read: lotion, make up...). Sure as shit, by Sunday, the zits were forming. By Monday, it was a full blown, look like I'm 14 years old, attack. I look like hell right now. I've raided my son's zit cream cabinet and have been trying to get it under control. Note to self: in the future, get this done on a Friday night...

Today I've got a friend coming over for lunch. I haven't seen her in months, and...get this...she lives ONE block away from me. So sad... Then, we're off to swim late this afternoon. Should be fun!

Enjoy, enjoy~



Fatinah said...

I have been belly dancing for around 5 years now. I think every woman should try it. It not only improved my posture, but it gave me a body awareness and body confidence like nothing else I have ever done. You cannot help but feel like a real woman after a class. And, it is the one place where curves make the movement so much more sexy! I'm really glad you're doing it.

Sorry to hear about your face issues. Sheesh!

Kim said...

Ohhhh belly dancing...sounds so exotic!! Good for you for trying something new and different. :)

Sorry to hear about the breakout! Yucko. Hopefully it clears up quickly.