Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 216...185 lbs.

Ohhhh, happy day! Today, I purchase my treadmill! I'm uber excited about it!!! That's a picture of it up there. It has a t.v. in it, so...I'm going to have to have the cable company run a line to it, no? Yes, of course...You know what would be super cool? If it had closed captioning on the t.v. screen! Because I don't like to listen to the t.v., just watch it sometimes. I prefer to rock out to my iPod when I'm on the 'mill. Yippeee!!!

In other news (channeling Tom Tucker)...nice weekend. Had the boy's birthday party; we combined it with his best friend's birthday, which was yesterday. We went out to a place that's more or less a giant warehouse, except the floors and walls are trampolines. The kids get a great workout and they don't even know it! They have a dodgeball court, which is super fun. I think I'm going to try their aerobics classes. They're only $5, and I think that's because most people can only last 5 minutes! ha!

What else...oh! I went to a play yesterday. It is called The 9 Parts of Desire. Sounds sexy, huh? Not at is about 9 different Iraqi women and their thoughts on life AS an Iraqi woman in modern times. Very powerful. It was all one point, one of the women says (they're talking as if they're having conversations with American women--paraphrasing here): "You have guilt. You give and give and give and all kinds of causes...because you're guilty. It helps you to deal with your guilt." At another point, they're all on stage speaking as 1st generation Iraqi-American women, who have strong ties with their Iraqi families...they're talking about watching the war footage on t.v.; they're talking about how they're in the middle of a pedicure and the lady (American) next to her says: Oh, this war, it's all so depressing...please turn it off! Or they're running on the treadmill at a gym watching footage of the war; footage of Iraqis running for their lives, while she's running on a treadmill in a posh gym...

See, I do have guilt. I DO think about these things. WHY was I so fortunate to be born in America? Why is it that some people wake up in the morning wondering if they'll live to see sunset? How can people live after their husbands have been killed, their sons kidnapped for use as foot soldiers, their daughters raped? It boggles my mind.

SO, I enjoyed the play.

Other than that, pretty quiet weekend. I'm excited about getting back to exercise after a near two week lapse due to the eye thing. In addition to the treadmill, I'm also getting one of those heavy know....the kind where you punch and kick it and it hardly moves? Like smacking a wall. I told my husband about it last night, and he said: Why are you so angry? (he was joking)... I said I'm not angry...I just want to punch stuff.

Enjoy, friends~


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Fatinah said...

your new treadmill is very nice! I'm sure you will enjoy many good hours of quality running on it.

I would love one of those things to kick. It is shocking how often I think - man - I could really just kick something right now!!