Thursday, July 10, 2008

Day 198...179 pounds

Uh-oh...I went into a department store today hoping to find a small, brown clutch to carry at my reunion on Saturday. No such luck...of course not...I went in looking for something SPECIFIC. What I did find was another killer dress. Now I have a I wear the rather loud, somewhat tropical type dress, or do I wear the more "fade into the background" print? Now, I do need to mention that the latter dress hugs me in all the right fact, when I put it on for daughter and husband tonight, they both said (separately)...oh, wow...wear THAT one!

It's ever so slightly tight, though...and I just wonder how comfortable I'm going to be in it for several hours having to suck in my stomach? (not a big fan of girdle type contraptions...) Hmmm...what to do...what to do...well, I'll decide the afternoon of the reunion. Which ever one seems to call out to me, I guess.

Quickie workout again today! Sooo busy these last few days. But, I snuck in 2.25 miles, so that's not soooo bad. We went out to pizza tonight due to a party for my son's class. I got the vegetarian, super thin crust and NO cheese. It was delish! But, I don't know if the soda I drank with dinner (I never drink soda) just overloaded me with sugar, because within 2 hours, I was starving! Had to have another couple of (small) pieces of the pizza, hummus and crackers and some (vegan) ice cream, too! Jeez, what is UP?! It's not hormones...maybe I'm starting to feel stressed about the reunion?

I put away nearly 1900 calories today. But I'm not going to stress about it. It'll all be fine.

Enjoy, cyber-pals~


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Fatinah said...

ok, now you're just being mean......I'm dying to see two dresses now!!!!!!!!1