Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 209...185 lbs.

I'm not going to freak out...185 is a gain, BUT...two things to keep in mind/know: 1) I do believe Aunt Flo is going to knock on my door here in the next 48 hours, so, that's likely 3 pounds or so...and, 2) I've also eaten WAAAAYYYYY more than usual this last week. I always feel as if I am STARVING a few days before my period starts, and no amount of intellectual self talk can bring me off the ledge of the food orgy in which I gleefully place myself. THIS is why I gain/lose the same freaking 5 pounds every month. If, somehow, I could not give in to the siren song of food during the week before my period, I'm sure I could actually lose (!!) real weight. Does anyone else have this problem? How have you solved it?

The zits are sloooowwwwllly leaving my face. But several of them grew into giant dinosaur eggs, and, as is the case with me, I will have a red mark on my face for the next 6 months. Would a chemical peel help that? I may do laser...I don't know. I think I'll also get some Restalayne (sp?) injected into my top lip...anyone else use that? Oh, and a little Botox around the eyes and nasal-labial (ha!) folds. Maybe in a year or two...

Listen to THIS...about twice a year, one of my eyes (usually my left, for some reason) gets all gets really red, it tears like an open spigot, is super sensitive to light and HURTS like crazy...well, it happened again on Thursday evening. I was sitting on the couch eating popcorn when I noticed it. Thought I'd gotten some salt in my eye...washed and washed out my eye. Squirted Visine in there, took a Q-tip around the inside upper lid (which I do not recommend to anyone who is not used to putting things in their eyes) name it, I tried it. Got into see my (new) eye doctor on Friday. He popped in a little numbing liquid (THANK YOU, Dr. Kim!!) and my eye felt sooooo good, I could've jumped on him and kissed him at that point...then he uses his eye magnifying equipment and says: Oh,'ve got a MAJOR infection here. And by the looks of your eye, you've had this before. You've got scars all over this eye.

Whoops...those other times, and even this time, I didn't think it was infected. I always associated infections with icky, gloppy, slimy, gross stuff. The stuff pouring out of my eye was simply clear tears. Oh, jeez... So, I spent the weekend in a dark room with my eyes closed. Alternating antibiotics and steroids. I get my recheck today, and I sure hope I'm ok. While it doesn't hurt anymore, and the eye looks normal, I can still feel it a little bit. Feels like a grain of sand is stuck in my upper lid. *sigh* I'd REALLY like to be able to SEE again...I've read everything I can get my hands on here in the house.

What else....not a whole lot. Winding down on summer already. Have to have my classroom finished by July 31st, and it's going well. My co-teacher is awesome, and she's been a great help. We need to be finished so that we can help other teachers put their classes together. We've done a lot of classroom construction/reconfiguration, and they'll need help getting their stuff set up. We need to be totally done by August 7th. Jeez, that's not far away...WHERE did the summer go?

Tomorrow I meet with a family of a child who has Down syndrome/Autism Spectrum Disorder. Hoping to glean some useful info there...

Missed Everyone,


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