Friday, August 29, 2008

Day 246...186 lbs.

I went back to exercising today. It felt good! I've finally stopped bleeding (mostly). What a weird thing...

What else...OH! I cut my hair last night...well, I didn't cut stylist did...ANY-way...I told him I was in the mood for something, I trust him implicitly, so I wasn't worried. But WHOA...different is right! My hair is now as short as a boy's in the back, with some longer layers in the front. Kind of like a Katie-with-the-new-haircut-Holmes + Jackie O. And it's more highlights. People like it, though I had one 4th grader tell me today: Ewww...I don't like it! But everyone else was positive. So, we'll see if it's a keeper. I've never had hair this short before. I think I'll need to remember to wear sun screen on the back of my neck!

Not much goin' on...3 day weekend sounds nice. We'll be visiting friends out of town tomorrow. They had a baby 4.5 months ago, so I can't wait to meet her! Miss Squeaky is her nickname! How cute is that?!

Sorry for the blah-blah-blah post. But I'm kind of happy for the last few (mundane) days.

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Folks~


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Kim said...

You get a fancy new 'do' and you don't post a picture?!?!?!? I bet it looks awesome! :)

Have a great long weekend!