Sunday, August 10, 2008

Day 227...187! (hey, that rhymes!)

Well, I think my weight being up is a combo of several factors:

1. Aunt Flo is due any second

2. I've been eating waaay too much this week

3. Stress (see #1 and #2 again)

4. Vicious cycle of 1, 2 and 3...the trifecta of DOOM!

I was actually somewhat relieved when I checked the calendar and saw that Aunt Flo is due any second...because I always feel that I'm starving right before her visit and I start to feel What is WRONG with me? Why am I obsessing about food?? Why am I eating salty foods with such abandon? THEN, I check the calendar and realize I'm not crazy. It's just hormones. I think I'd better get back to taking my calcium supplements again; that's supposed to help.

Went to the mall last night to find some new clothes. I actually got a skirt, a sweater and a shirt. All for less than $30. Gotta love August! Everyone wants to clear out their summery stuff and get in the fall stuff. But here in the Central Valley of CA, it's summer until November 1st, so that sleeveless top will get a lot of wear in the coming weeks, believe me.

School starts on Wednesday. I'm at the point now where I'm just thinking: Let's just get it started. See, for me, the anticipation is always WAY worse than the actual event. I am looking forward to it in a way...well, for selfish reasons...I always do better with the whole diet/exercise program during the school year because I'm in a set routine (routine + FatMom = good!). I plan on sketching out weekly menus least for a while...though I'm so aware of serving sizes, problem, though, with not planning/writing, is that I think nothing of a cookie here, a handful of chips thing you know, I'm probably over my calorie allotment by 300...not good when you are cursed with a finicky metabolism.

Got the book "Rethinking Thin." I hope to start it sometime this week. I'll let you all know (yeah, there's soooooooooooooooooooo many of you reading this blog) how it is. HEY! There's an idea... How about every one of you reading my blog leave a comment, even if it's just one letter of the alphabet...that'd be fun...




Jodie said...

A is a letter in the alphabet.

I wanted to cry last week when I stepped on the scale before aunt flo came to town- then a few days later I was down 3 pounds.

luvinlife said...

Just recently started reading your blog - got it from Kim's blog - and you two are such an inspirationn for me. Keep up the good work and I'll keep reading.

Anonymous said...


But really, I always have more to say than just one letter! I'll be anxious to know what you think of that book. I almost got the book yesterday, but the excerpt they showed on Amazon seemed kinda scientific, so decided to wait a bit.

Fatinah said...

I'm reading!