Sunday, August 3, 2008

Day 221...guess what? Still 185

Duck visit was great to see my babies! My girl (the one with the lame foot) is limping more that she was in June when I took her up to the sanctuary. But I think that's because she doesn't like the ground she's on...she's used to soft grass, and I think that helped her foot. The middle toe--the deformed one--looks more swollen and pronounced, too...the ground is hard, packed earth, with tiny pebbles strewn about (in a natural way, not because they put rocks out there). No wonder she spends so much time in the pond...must be soothing to her foot.

They were wary of me, which is good...I brought them their favorite foods, and they ate happily...well, they ate once another duck decided to try it...they they dove right in. It was nice to see them enjoy their treats (melon, cucumber, zucchini, romaine lettuce, Cheerios). They get along with the other ducks, but they let them all know THEY'RE in charge...glad to see they are not getting pushed around!

I think I'll offer my foster duck mom some sod later this month when I go up for a visit. She's a special lady to do what she does...I'm so thankful!

In other news (a la Tom Tucker), we got the treadmill up and running (ha! a pun!!)...took a fitness test, which measures your fitness age. Recall, ladies and gents, that I am 38. My fitness age is 23 (?!). I was surprised...and a bit skeptical! I guess my heart recovers nicely, though, after aerobic activity...I guess I haven't damaged the ole ticker too badly, which I was concerned about, seeing as how I have likely taxed it by being fat, thin, fat, thin, fat, fat, fat...Any-whooo, did 3.5 miles, and I feel awesome!!

Thinking about doing a little shopping this lazy Sunday...seems that I always have either too many tops and not enough bottoms, or vice versa. Right now, I have too many bottoms. I need shirts, y'all!!

Thanks to all my cyber friends for your continued and unwavering support. You all are d'bomb!

Sweatily yours,



Jim Purdy said...

Good luck with the treadmill. Lots of people I know eventually ended up using a treadmill as a clothes rack. I don't have a treadmill, but I can't say anything, because my other home exercise items usually ended up as clothes racks. I guess that's the advantage of just walking: you get to walk, without having to buy an expensive piece of equipment. I hope the treadmill works well for you.

Fatinah said...

funny - I had pictured the ducks much smaller - what a dough head I am!

Glad your treadmill is up and running - I'M JEALOUS!!!!