Thursday, August 7, 2008

Day 225...186!

I ate a lot of salty foods last night, so I wasn't surprised I was up 2 pounds this morning. It's ok.

Got up this morning and hit the treadmill for a challenging 20 minute walk (I usually run at night...not in the morning, as my bones are still working out all the kinks from the night before and I don't want to do anything jarring). Then went to school all freakin' day to help other teachers move into their new classrooms. Gawd, but I am pooped! I decided to skip the afternoon workout due to all the manual labor I did today.

Was soooo tired by the time I got done, but I had to take my son out for a haircut. Whilst at the haircutting salon, both kids started complaining they were, we rung up the husband and asked him to meet us at a local restaurant. I indulged in a few onion rings (whoooooeeeeee, my favorite, y'all) and a veggie burger with steak fries. Jeez, talk about fat! But it tasty!

Tomorrow I have "staff development" ALL day (Monday, too! oh, boy!)...the boy and the husband are driving down to So CA tomorrow evening/night to help my step son move into his first apartment this weekend. *sigh* Wow, they grow up quickly! I met my stepson when he was 13 months old. Now he's 18. Going to Europe. Skydiving. This kid has done more in his 18 years than I've done in my 38. I'm excited for him! I will miss my boy... the daughter and I will have to come up with some fun stuff.

Enjoy yourselves, and think of me tomorrow and Monday...think happy thoughts for my soon to be completely flat butt!



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