Monday, April 21, 2008

Day 118...not so sure about the weight...

Yeah, I read in some article that Ali on BL was working out 8 hours a DAY right at the end of BL. Good for her, but...come on! Get real! WHO can work out 8 hours a day unless that is your JOB? Even just can't be healthy.

Today I heard a word I haven't used in a long know how sometimes when you hear a word, you think: Cool word! I've got to use that more! Yes, well, I heard a word that described my mood lately: FESTER(ING). I added the "ing" for today. Fester. Awesome word. I've been festering. I don't like festering.

Lots o' love,



Fatinah said...

whenever I hear the word fester I think of Meg Ryan!

I know who she wanted to fester and why - but why were YOU festering??

Fatinah said...

re the picture post - if you click on the picture, it doesn't get upclose and personal??? (gives me a shiver to even think of it!)