Saturday, April 5, 2008

Day 102...Weight...low 180's...gasp!

Well, I sure let myself go this vacation. A regular vacation while ON vacation. I aim to get back on track here when we return to the ole grind on Monday. Been eating not so well. But feeling fab emotionally. Icky physically. Not bad, but just...that "oh, man, I know I can feel so much better" feeling. I've also figured out at EXACTLY what weight I need to be at to have my belly roll return. Too funny...

I was talking to a very close friend of mine on Friday about losing weight, counting calories, etc...and I told her I really resist tracking calories because it reminds me of my anorexic days where I would obsessively count the VERY few calories I WOULD eat in a day (about 300 if you're wondering...sick, sick, sick...). ANY-way, she said she hates tracking too, and devised (or perhaps borrowed, I'm not sure) a plan where she has breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack cards labeled with options that fit into her daily calorie distribution so that she doesn't have to really count calories. Since most of us tend to eat the same basic handful of meals, BY GEORGE, I think it may just work! I shall give it the ole college try!

Spent yesterday at beautiful Muir Woods, located just north of SF. Man, oh, man...what a lovely place! You just sometimes forget that within a 2 hour drive of where you live, there are SO many wonderful things you may not even realize are there. We had a blast! One thing that struck me...they had a chunk of a tree trunk, showing it's various rings...and they labeled what major events were happening at that time in the tree's was "born" in 909 A.D.! Freakin' A, that's just even hard to imagine. They had all kinds of other events labeled, such as Columbus sails to America, the birth of the colonies, and so much more that I can't remember. just blew me a way. It makes my life seem so small. Such a nanosecond on the watch of the universe and all that. *sigh* It was super cool!

Well, got to get back at it~


P.S.: OHHHHH...I wanted to tell you about a website I found... SCARY stuff...I ate at Carl's Jr. today...I know, I know...can you BELIEVE the fat?! Good GAWD!


Healthy Mummy said...

Ooh I'm too scared to go and look at the scarey food site. I always get a shock when it's there for me in black and white exactly what I've been eating.

Fatinah said...

that card idea sounds like a good one - be sure to let us know how it goes!!