Friday, April 11, 2008

Day 108...188.6 pounds!

Yipes...there it is, in black and white! 188.2. So...that's 10 pounds. Mercy me. Here's the other ugliness, just in case that number wasn't enough to make you cringe:

waist: 37.25"

my huge belly roll: 46"

hips: 42.25"

thigh: 24.75"

arm: 12.75"

No, I don't measure the boobs or the calves or the boobs are large, who cares if they shrink? Calves? Those don't change a whole bunch, and my neck? Well, I can see the changes there, quite easily.

I tend to gain and lose weight first in two distinct places: my face/neck and boobs. That's the FIRST place I'll notice any difference. Interesting...

I did work out 5 times this week! Yippeee!!! I am trying to ease back into things slowly, so I only logged 8.75 miles, but I did weights (alternating muscle groups) for those 5 days, too. Good, good... Food today has been on track. Feeling a little hungry, though, so I'd better go take care of that asap.

Wishing you well,



Kim said...

Better to turn things around at 10 pounds than 20!! You are working out and making your way back. :)

Fatinah said...

ya baaaaby! Exercising 5 times....wooooooooohoooooo! Those lbs are melting away already!!!!!

Tigerlilly said...

Hey... you've seen the light and your making your changes...dont beat yourself up about the past!

Great job on the workouts!! ONLY 8.75 miles?? jeesh.. does nothing please you?? LOL

Have a great Monday!