Thursday, April 17, 2008

Day 114...still "weighting"

Not much goin' on... jeez, did you watch the finale of Biggest Loser on Tuesday? Good LORD! I stopped watching about 4 weeks into that show because I can't stand how they make a half hour show into 2 FREAKING hours! So, I hadn't seen the transformations as they happened. I have to say...I was horrified by Ali. She looked like an alien. She looked...well, odd to me. Was it her haircut? Her VERY dark (fake'n'bake?) skin? I'm not sure, but I didn't like how she looked. The others (except for that one brother...the one with the beard, who ALSO looked odd to me), looked great! I was so excited for them. I guess 99 or 150 pounds in 6 (SIX!!!) months is an awful lot of weight to lose in such a short period of time, and...well, you may just look weird for a while. Good for them... BUT, what I know NOW, though, is I'd never want to lose THAT much weight THAT way. Jeez, if I lost more than 40 pounds in 6 months, I'd probably be able to tie my boobs around my neck in a bow tie.

In other news...well, there IS no other news. I continue to work out...and interestingly enough, I've had several people ask me this week if I'd lost more weight. NO! Strange...

Hope everyone is well,


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Fatinah said...

that is the power of losing inches though, isn't it? That is what people really notice. And since you're not weighing, you don't REALLY know anyhow. Clearly you're doing something right!

I guess Ali had that big head look - I thought she was pretty toned. My trainer said to me yesterday that what they were doing was likely not sustainable, and that she would like to see them do a show in six months. Who's blog was it that said they saw Ali & Jillian on a morning show and that near the end they were working out near 10 hours a day!

Meanwhile, thanks for all your support. I really appreciate it!