Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day 95...179 as usual!

Today was a bad food day. I'll just leave it at that. Not HORRIBLE, but, pretty gosh darn ugly.

Took my yellow duckling's "boot" off today. His/her foot looks SO much better. It's mostly flat, but...I doubt it will ever be "normal." He/she just also seems to tire out much faster than the black duckling. *sigh* FatMom worries about her babies...but they're both eating and growing quite well. The husband keeps asking me what my "plans" are for the ducks. I'm not sure yet...I DO know I should probably keep them until they're big enough to fend for themselves against older ducks. But I'm already having a stroke thinking about parting from them...

I DID, however, figure out something today... you may recall that I had a screwed up childhood. I don't think I ever formed the cohesive thought of: "geez, no one ever took care of me" and/or "no one ever protected me" until this morning when I was thinking of my ducks, all my animals, my animal rights activism, my veganism, and my love for children...WHY I will stop at NOTHING to protect those who are weak and who are easy targets. It's because I'm trying to right the wrong of my growing up years. I have an insatiable desire to rescue and protect because by doing so, I'm in essence rescuing the little girl I used to be.

How's THAT for some growth? Or, it's all a bunch of arm-chair, pop psychology psychobabble. ha!



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