Monday, March 10, 2008

Day 76...weight? Unknown

Ok, so I have a SERIOUS question:

Why, when I weigh myself first thing in morning...and say that weight is 180 pounds...WHY do I actually weigh less an hour later, even after I've had a half a cup of tea or coffee? And, HOW can I weigh the SAME at 4 p.m. as I did at 6:30 a.m. after I've eaten and drank all day...AND then HOW can I wake up in the morning and STILL be the SAME, too??


See, THIS is what I obsess about. Don't you wish you were me? Gosh, I need a REAL hobby!




Fatinah said...

I'm the opposite. I weigh, drink a cup of coffe and am up 4 lbs.

This is why we should stay OFF the freakin scale!! HAHAHA

Healthy Mummy said...

The scale is a bitch - don't trust her.