Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 91...still 179...*sigh*

My other "baby" hatched yesterday afternoon. This one (Doodles) is more browinish than yellow like #1 is (Peach, though I call Peach "Easter" because he/she was born on Easter). Looks like Easter has a bum foot (lame duck!). I contacted a vet, and she indicated that that's pretty common when the incubators experience too much fluctuation in temperature. Dang it! She said they get along just fine in life, though they may need to be watched to make sure they get enough food/water because they may get picked on by the others... Anyhow, I've been enjoying these little peepers so much! I did call my co-teacher and asked if she ate the fowl she keeps, and she insisted no, she does not...phew! So now I can feel ok (not great, but ok) with this whole rigmarole. I think I shall make it my mission in life to try and get teachers to stop using animals in the classroom! Both as "pets" and as "educational materials." Gawd, I hate that. Don't get me started...

ANY-way, I've enjoyed the distraction of the ducklings, though. Funny how we can start to obsess on the details of our life if we don't have enough proper distractions to pull us out of ourselves. I know I fall into mild depression when I don't have a "campaign" to work on. I get into trouble when I have too much time to THINK.

I've got my ADD class tonight (followed by a concert with my sister...whooo-hooo!!)...trying to learn as much as I can to help my daughter (and my students) cope and excel in spite of AD/HD. I feel that once the AD/HD is diagnosed and treatments are started (whether it be medication or not), AD/HD can be a significant gift. Right now, though, daughter feels it is a curse. Last night she was in tears telling me about how hard it is to have ADD, how difficult it is to simply function and that it is a challenge for her to be 'happy.' Wow, I knew a lot of AD/HD kids suffered from depression, amongst other things, but...I'd hoped we'd had enough discussions to possibly bypass a lot of those feelings of despair. I don't candy-coat her difficulties with her, per se, and I don't tell her she's going to be "normal" ever in her life. I DO tell her that we can learn how SHE learns, and that she can learn to excel, not just in spite of, but BECAUSE of her ADD. I worry about her until I could throw up. I love that her brain is not "typical" and I tell her that. Being "normal" and like everyone else is BORING. I want her to embrace herself, but at 11 years old, you just want to be the same as everyone else. I understand. But my baby is not just another brick in the wall, a la Pink Floyd. I KNOW she is going to lead a very substantial life. She is very much her own girl...SO independent and amazingly talented...but, when she needs me, my arms will always be right here to pull her close when she needs it.

Fuzzy Duckling Nuzzles,


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Anonymous said...

Hi. I found you through Kim's blog. Anyway, as a fellow teacher I wanted to say I am totally on board with the not using "pets" in the classroom. My kids are always bugging me for a pet. I teach first grade. My first year I had a fish tank, you know that whole calmness thing, and it was such a pain to upkeep. I was in on the weekends to clean the thing because I didn't have any time during the week, and then all of my fish kept dying. No thank you! '

But I do hope your duckies live a long full life.