Monday, March 24, 2008

Day 90...weight? About the same...

I'm a new mommie!!! My 2nd/3rd grade students decided to incubate duck eggs, and, well...I'm not too excited about know me, animal rights activist and all that...I cannot STAND the exploitation of animals in any way...ok, off the ole soap box...ANY-way, one of my co-teachers set this all up and, smart as she is (seriously), she didn't think to check a calendar to see WHEN these eggs would hatch (right in the middle of our spring break, therefore making the ENTIRE project COMPLETELY useless). So, I volunteered to take the incubator home because I am self centered in only one manner...and that's that I think I'm the best person to care for animals. I put their care before my own in all situations, and...well, I only trust myself to care for the innocent creatures. That all being said, these eggs have been sitting in my home office now for about 10 days. The calendar told me they were supposed to hatch on Easter (ironic, huh?), and sure enough, one baby poked its way out last night about 10 p.m. Another one started about midnight, but I've seen no progress since then. Gosh, I hope it lives! (oh, that was weird! Just as I wrote that, it started pecking again out of its egg!!)

When taking said eggs home I said to the co-teacher: Ummm...I have NO idea how to care for baby ducks... She said: call me, and I'll pick them up. Ok, sounds good, considering these eggs came from her "mini farm," and she raises ducks. I'm terrified...does she EAT these ducks? I can't give them to her if she's just going to EAT them...I'll need to figure that out before I give them to her...I'd rather take them to a wildlife rehabber.

Oh, great...why do I get myself into these messes??

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Urban Vegan said...

Don't give them to her if she raises ducks! I'm sure you will be a gerat duck mamma. Congratulations.

I found this duckling care info online. Hope they help:

THanks for stopping by my blog. :)