Thursday, May 1, 2008

Day 128...weight...183

GAWD! Where have I BEEN?? It's been absolutely nutso around here...a week since my last post. I've been working more than usual, getting ready for a weekend trip, and 12 year old baby boy fractured his ankle. Mercy me...

SO, sorry my weight loss report has been delayed. I was at 183 last Friday when I weighed in. I may be higher than that now simply due to that TOM. Well, it's right around the corner. I expect the visit in the next day or so.

Going to Farm Sanctuary's big ole shin-dig this weekend. Should be fun. Going with daughter and sister. Looking forward to lots of awesome vegan food, hanging out with the cows and pigs and camping under the stars. Ahhh...don't cha wish you were me?? ha!

Enjoy, all!



1 comment:

Fatinah said...

happy to see your post!

How the heck did your son fracture his ankle? Poor baby!

Have fun on your weekend - time away with your daughter AND sister - awesome - I do with I was you!