Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 140...weight...183

Well, it's been a regular Vomitorium in my house the last few days. The daughter woke up on Sunday (Mother's Day...Hellllooooo!) puking her self into near unconsciousness. That was a mess! She doesn't know she's going to barf until it is coming out of her mouth (lucky her)...but unlucky me, as she managed to barf on nearly every piece of fabric we own. But, then...after about 18 hours, she pulled out of it. Thought I was in the clear by late yesterday and early this morning...figuring she had a case of food poisoning, then...WHAMMO! My son's teacher finds me on campus and says the boy just barfed all over the classroom's bathroom. Tell me...is there anything worse than barfing AT school? In front of your classmates? Noooo....I did it in 5th grade and have never forgotten it...And she said he looked pathetic, trying to hobble into the bathroom with his big ole cast on...so sad! Well, ohhhhkaaaaayyyy....and it's STAR testing week! THE worst week for us to be out. But, it'll be ok. The boy seems to be not quite as sick as the daughter, though I just checked on him again and he said he thinks he's gonna barf again soon (dang it! He just called me...Mom...here it comes! ) GAK! Poor babies!!!

Wish me luck...I sure hope I don't get it. I am NOT a good barfer. I lay there for HOURS hoping for death before I finally puke. HATE it.

Sorry to be gross...
Oh, and...the husband it forcing me to relocate my beloved ducks. Have I mentioned how much I ADORE those ducks? I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad. Saying I'm sad doesn't even come close to what I feel. I'm devastated.

Hope you are all healthy and enjoying the weather. Spring in northern California is SO beautiful!

Big lovin',


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Fatinah said...

poor,poor you. and your poor kids. Yikes. I'm a world class thrower upper. I do it with ease and it doesn't bother me one "stinking" bit. I sure hate cleaning it up though!

sorry 'bout the ducks. where are you going to have to put them?