Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Day 133...unknown weight

Wow...why have I been soooo busy??

Farm Sanctuary weekend was a BLAST! Man, oh, man...what fun! The animals were cool to hang around, the food was fab, and the weather was lovely. That picture is the view we had. So great, especially for us city folk who have to STRAIN to see something besides buildings and cars. So, I've always been a very committed vegan, but after this weekend, I just am sickened to think I buy meat/dairy/eggs for my family to eat. I am contributing to the suffering by purchasing those items. I'm SUPPORTING an industry I abhor. How can I keep doing this?

Ah, well...

Son's ankle is doing ok. He got his full cast on yesterday, and he's already tired of it, though he doesn't complain. He takes care of himself...the only thing I do for him is carry his cereal bowl to the table for him. He's very self sufficient. One of the MANY things I love about him! Husband ripped a bunch of cartilage out of his knee the SAME day my son broke his ankle. Did I mention this? THEN, after coming home Sunday night from camping, I noticed our beloved hamster walking funny...it appears she may have chewed off one of her back feet...did it get caught in something? I'm so sad for her...but she seems to be ok. I've been checking on her a couple of times a day, making sure the wound is clean, giving her lots of high calorie foods to keep her strength up, and she's doing ok. But I'm just sick about it. I really don't want to euthanize her... I am positive she will be ok. I just have to be positive. But what a weird thing... Jeez, my family seems to have weird foot/leg issues...

I've been feeling odd for several days now. Not sick per se, but...something is just off. I think it's because I'm on my period, and the older I get, the harder it gets. I just feel funky! Hope to be back on track soon.

Hoping everyone is well~



Fatinah said...

my periods have been getting worse as I age also. In fact, my whole cycle has!!

Glad to hear son is doing well and that you had fun time away.

Didn't know about hubby - weird! Hope he heals soon!!

Fatinah said...

oh, and of course husband shameless sucking up worked! twice!! (well, for me anyhow!) ;-)