Thursday, February 28, 2008

Day 65...177 pounds

Guess what? Yesterday, when I got on the scale, it said 176 point something or other. I was all excited!! (I round DOWN, see)... so, being so excited, I got on the scale AGAIN, and it said 177.0. So of course I got on and off 3 more times just to "make sure." Each time it said 177.0, so that is the weight I shall cop to this week. Jeez, I even let out every gram of breath in me to see if I could get it to 176! No dice!

Is anyone else this weird about the scale?

I also took my measurements last week. I hadn't taken them since January 2nd, and I am excited to report that I lost inches! Yippee!!!! That's such an awesome feeling. Wish I could get the scale to cooperate, though, too!!! I'm too old school, I think. The scale is the ultimate measure of my success...silly, me knows, but...still...

Exercise is going well...a little sore the last few days and my feet are really annoyed. I LOVE wearing heels, but they just wreck my feet! By the time I get into my tennis shoes to work out, they already hurt. THEN, I pound out 3.5-4 miles, and, well, you can guess the rest. You know what sounds positively orgasmic? A foot massage by someone who knows what they're doing! (interesting side note: when I went to type the word "foot" in the last sentence, my fingers actually typed "food!")

On the plus side, weather here in CA is super! Gorgeous, sunny, clear, 70 degree weather! BEAUTIFUL! The only down side??? I know my allergies are going to start kicking back up soon...

Ciao, babies~


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