Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 56...weight? Unknown....it's my TOM!

Well, it's been a fine week. Nothing special, but nothing horrible. I did get some decent work outs in, and food hasn't been too tough, considering it's my TOM. My weight went up along with the TOM, so...I don't know if there's any collateral damage or not. I'm hoping not.

I was just reading my "cyber friend" Kim's blog...I know I talk about her a lot, but you've got to understand she is such an inspiration to me. She's exercising like a fiend, and she's obviously keeping on top of her food quite well...she's lost 70 pounds, y'all! I'm so happy for her!!! She was discussing how she's kind of "stuck" at 70 pounds. The same way I seem to be somewhat "stuck" at 40 pounds. Is this "stuck-ed-ness" due to a REAL, PHYSICAL factor, or is it a sneaky psychological factor? Hmmm...I've been thinking of that...I really do belive I want to lose more weight. So...why isn't it happening in a more expeditious manner? I think I still overeat JUST ENOUGH to keep my losses generally in the category of 'mere ounces.'

Interesting... OH, and guess what? My 20 year high school renuion, I just found out, is in 5 months. Better get to crackin', huh? Though my 10 year reunion (well, it was actually 11 years, because that's just how organized our class was!), I was probably a solid 230 pounds. I saw photos (black and white PHOTOcopy PHOTOS, mind you), and I still looked horrible. To say I was embarassed would be an understatement. When I left high school, I was 115 pounds, and I thought I was grossly overweight! ha! Most of high school, I was under a hundred pounds. So silly to think of it now. Can you imagine how shocked those people were to see me? Gosh, I swear I'd changed more than anyone...ANY-way, I suppose just based on the fact that I am about 60 pounds lighter than I was at that reunion that I look better. Still, it would be awesome to drop another 20 before then. I was 'supposed' to be at my goal weight of 140 by June (my BD), but...I just don't know if that's feasible at this point in the game.

Onward, my friends~


Healthy Mummy said...

I read Kim's blog is well, she is an inspiration. I hope you become 'unstuck' soon.

Fatinah said...

my 25th is in May! YIKES!!

Kim said...

A. Thank you for the totally sweet compliment. Seriously. I feel FAR from being any kind of inspiration, but I guess that my saving grace is that no matter how I derail myself (and boy do I!) I keep getting back on the horse. (and apparently my horse hates me!)

B. MY HIGH SCHOOL REUNION IS IN JUNE. ACK!! If we go hard core until then how close to our goals do you think we could be???? Hmmmmm???