Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 48~ Weight? Not sure...didn't look today~

So, I'm feeling anxious, irritable, a little weepy and hungry. PMS? Shouldn't be quite yet. Hmmm... I was feeling fine until I got to work this morning...then, that's when I saw IT. One of my co-teacher was going to be out this afternoon and I was scheduled to cover her class for the remainder of the day. The time when I GO TO THE GYM. I was immediately annoyed. They do they not ASK if I CAN cover the class, they just take for granted that I can and will. Could I have said NO? I suppose I could have. But let me tell you...I've not come across another profession where feelings and egos are so much a part of getting ahead or left in the dust. So, you COULD say no, but is that a smart career move? That is the question...Because education seems to be dominated by women (especially in the lower elementary grades), it's all about FEELINGS and LOYALTY and being SUPPORTIVE (read: when I want something, you'd better give it to me, or it means you don't like me, and if you don't like me, then I'm going to tell everyone you suck at your job even though I don't REALLY think you do, but you've hurt my FEELINGS, so I'm going to tell everyone...) You get the drift...

So, anyhow...I didn't go to the gym. I was mad about it because I have figured out that exercise is critical to my over all sense of well being. This is because:

1. I feel good about making the necessary strides to reach my goals of health and fitness
2. When I'm working out really hard, all I can concentrate on at that moment is simply breathing
3. After I'm done working out really hard, I can't care about anything unless it's super important, as I just don't have the energy

Working out calms my spirit and my mind. I have to have that, or I'll go nuts. I'm disappointed in myself. But I suppose I'll live.


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Fatinah said...

I'd have been choked too!