Thursday, February 7, 2008

Day 44~ 178!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, wow, wow! Did my bleary eyes deceive me this morning? Nope, it was 178! Toooo cool!

So, I had a friend recently ask me about how I overhauled my eating habits...and she asked me for tips! Can you believe it?! FATMOM? Eating tips? And it didn't involve desserts or cream sauces? It was an interesting little paragraph or two I's what I said:

Tips? Well...I transitioned slowly. When I went vegan (I know that's not your intention, but it'll help explain), I told myself that for the first month, I wasn't going to concern myself one little bit with how healthy I was eating, as long as I was eating vegan. So, it was everything from the healthy stuff to peanut butter and potato chips. Then, the second month, I decided I was going to cut out most of the junk (hey, I'm only human), but I could eat as much as I wanted. The third month, I started being careful about how much I ate. And, so, now here we are over a year later. I'm 42 pounds lighter and have never felt better. I can easily run 5 miles at a time, and nothing hurts anymore. I aim to lose 40 more...that would be ideal. But 20 would be fine, too.
SO, in effect, I'd just advise that you take it slow; don't try to overhaul a life time of eating habits in a week. Trade less healthy options for more healthy ones, such as whole wheat pasta for regular; rice crackers for potato chips, etc...Vegetables and fruits are is a LOT of water. Exercise is important, but not where it's killing you and you dread it. Find out what YOU like to do. Weight lifting, I think, though, is super important. Any weight bearing exercise or cardio is awesome as it strengthens your bones better than all the milk on the planet. If you don't know a lot about nutrition, Dr. Weil has some cd's to listen to that make it all fairly simple...he's got one that's really good...though I can't remember the name of it!! I do remember that it's on one CD, and it's about 74 minutes long. He puts things into simple language. Ummm...if overeating is a problem for you (it was for me), learn which foods cause you to "fall off the wagon" and avoid them like the plague. If you DO make a mistake, chalk it up to learning, and immediately move on. Don't get discouraged if you don't see much happening, because eventually, IT WILL. I went on a new diet every freaking month for YEARS, only to have it last all of 2 days. It was only when I decided to be in it for the LONG haul, and to change my HEALTH, that it stuck; before I was only fixated on losing weight; that, actually, doesn't work. You have to find a larger reason, and mine was that I simply wanted to be more healthy.

Interesting, huh? To think I'd be here right now...Wow...hold on, just basking for the moment...ok, back to work! Can't slouch when it comes to this whole battle of the bulge. Because ya know...tomorrow the scale COULD say 179 again.




Fatinah said...

you're the tip queen!

Kim said...

Yeah!!!!!! You are doing soooo great!!! :)

Christy said...

I think that was absolutely wonderful advice!