Monday, February 25, 2008

Day 62...still not totally sure about weight~

Wow, so, tis the season for high school reunion invites, eh? I am going hardcore from now until July when my personal blessed event will take place...will you? Though I do have to admit to having human tendencies, and I do, at times, mess up. But you know what's weird? When I mess up now, it's (mostly) a conscious decision and I ENJOY it! I can 'enjoy' it because I know it's relegated to a small moment in time where I say: I'm going to eat X and love every moment of it because I know at my next meal, I will make completely sane choices.

THAT, my friends, is power. I feel strong when I can do that with nary a wrinkle at my brow.

Today, I feel strong.

Lots 'o love,


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Healthy Mummy said...

Good for you. That sort of attitude is powerful. I am striving to get there, just now I fall into the food owns me trap a lot.