Thursday, October 16, 2008

Two posts in ONE day?!

So, I was just wasting a little time on the computer, and decided to head over to ...

I am not up on all the "news" sites/channels, but, I was shocked. Mostly, I like to live in a world where I pretend terrible things aren't happening, and, in general, it works. I'm not naive, per se, but I just don't want to have my face shoved into the messes of mankind. ANY-way, I was at msn and they have a rather small page, packed with "news" stories. I found ONE real news story, and the rest was about celebrities and fashion? But what got me was that there were not less than 5 links to stories about womens' looks/food/dieting.

Here's a sample:

1. Should obese airplane passengers pay more?

2. Chocoholics: What's your chocolate IQ?

3. Women: diet plan to keep you looking young

4. Flattering plus sized styles (trust me, they're not, I looked; oh, and if those models are plus sized, I'm Henry VIII)

5. Guaranteed: lose 30 pounds--no dieting! (now this one is an ad, but, still...)

Sometimes I wonder: if we just stopped obsessing with how we look, maybe we'd end up sliding into the size we're supposed to be, rather than being too big, or, even too small. AND, no wonder women feel so terribly about themselves.

In closing, here's an interesting article from Prevention: which discusses how long you'll live (kind of). If those 13 markers REALLY mean anything, I've got 12/13, and therefore should live to a very ripe old age...couldn't give myself #13 on their list...still workin' on THAT one!




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Take One Stripper Pole said...

Don't you love the nice comments that are actually ads ... said with sarcasm. Got one today from a post in the spring ... about insurance ... seriously!