Friday, October 17, 2008

Day 295...feelin' frisky!

In our continuing theme of reading new blogs, here's an article you might enjoy discussing how to get the sugar out of your diet, but...actually, it goes a little deeper than that...interesting read (and quick):

What else? I was having trouble falling asleep last night, and I started making weird lists in my head about random things, though I think you'll see a theme to learn more? I'll start off in a rather tame fashion, then...well, things may get a little naughty...

1. I'm a Gemini, but not the "traditional" Gem...I LOVES me some gossip, but I would rather cut off my pinkie than repeat any of it. You could leave a suitcase full of cash on the, with a "take me" sign, and I wouldn't dare touch it. Shallow? Not terribly so.

2. I'm a vegan. Through and through. Will I try and bring YOU over to the dark side? Nah... but I may make snarky comments about what you're eating and what you're doing to the environment, etc... but only if I LOVE you...

3. I love watching movies, though I tend to be super busy and end up NetFlixing movies people have probably watched 6 months ago. I just watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall (not bad...I loves me some Russell Brand! Booooo-YEAH!), and Lars and the Real Girl (I cried like a baby).

4. I love to read. Anything. If I feel it may improve my life even just a fraction of a hair, I read it. Sometimes, though, I need a Jackie Collins type of read, which I'll sneak...

5. I LOVE foul language! You know how some people can cuss and sound cool? Yeah... I'm not quite there yet, but I'm practicing. I wonder if Rosetta Stone makes a "Cussing to sound cool 101" program? Nearly EVERY song on my iPod has foul language, strong sexual overtones, etc...I wonder if I'm attracted to it because it's my closet alter ego?

6. Speaking of music...I LOVE music! I go to concerts on a regular basis. I love everything from Jason Mraz (he's my boy) to Nine Inch Nails...speaking OF...going to a Mraz concert in November and a NIN concert in December. Taking my wee boy to the NIN concert and my wee girl to the Mraz one. There is NOTHING in the world like being in an arena with 20,000 other fans screaming for the same thing. The energy blows my mind!

7. I only have my ears pierced, though I wish I were brave enough to get my nose pierced with a tasteful stud (and I don't mean Brad Pitt). I think my principal may have an issue with that.

8. I don't have any tattoos, and I don't expect to ever get any. I can't stand things that are permanent.

9. Boys I'd like to have as my brother or best friend (NOTHING sexual): Jason Mraz, Brad Pitt, Jason Segel, Michael Cera, Sean Hayes (guess I like boys who are sweet and smart, and who try to do good out there)

10. Boys I'd spend the night with if they asked (yes, sexual): Craig Ferguson, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Richard Gere (I know, I know...)Javier Bardem, Russell Brand, Clive Owen, Jude Law...(guess I've got a thing for accents...yes, I do)

11. Boys I 'd spend a loooooong weekend with (you know what we're doing): Olivier Martinez, Joaquin Phoenix and Dave Gahan. Heavy on the accents. Dark hair. Oooozing hotness from every pore...yikes!

12. Girls I'd eat guacamole off of: Natalie Portman and Dianne Lane. Short list.

13. Boys a lot of other people think are hot which I find odd: Justin Timberlake, Chase Crawford (why is my gay-dar tingling?), George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Leo deCaprio...really, I could go on...

14. Odd crushes I have, in a slightly sick sexual way, though I'd never act on them, but might dream about them: Daniel Radcliffe (he's legal now), Alan Rickman (mmmm....), Geoffrey Rush (love this guy), James Spader, Robert Downey, Jr., Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons.

15. Things I can't stand: dirty feet, dry hands, odd smells which I can't identify/locate, flys buzzing around my house, people who don't get to the POINT quickly, people with terrible spelling/grammar, petty fights, weather that stays exactly the SAME for more than a few days, a stinky house, dishes left in the sink, dogs licking themselves silly (it's the noise), people who live above their means, then complain about how hard/stressful it is, dirty showers, having to unload the dishwasher, making lunches X4 every day, though ONE of us could make their own damn lunch...

16. Things I love (besides the obvious): a clean car, an empty trash can, folded underwear, reading in bed, a big ole hot breakfast the hopefully someone else made, having friends over for dinner and too much wine, cuddling with the kidlets, visiting rescued farm animals, bookstores, lots of blankets piled on top of me, smelling so good I can't stop sniffing myself, rain falling, waking up thinking it's Monday, when it's really Sunday, working up a good sweat, picnics, a movie that makes me think about it for days afterwards, flirting in a most harmless way, being with my friends...

17. Things I would NEVER do, even if Joaquin Phoenix, Dave Gahan AND Olivier Martinez said they'd engage in a menage a quatre with me...: skydive, bungee jump, kill anything (besides a fly...ohhhhh, I'm baaaaad), lie about something uber important, steal anything, cheat on my spouse, abandon my kids, wear fur.

18. Things on my someday list: swim with the dolphins, learn how to play piano, visit the UK.

19. Places I'd like to visit: Canada, east coast, Hawai'i (all within my reach)

20. Thing I'd like to stop doing the most: denying my true self

Now, do you wonder what I look like? I always wonder what people look like...that way I can imagine them whilst reading their blogs...ANY-way, here's a recent picture (I still need to lose 40 more pounds...) can click on the photo to enlarge it, since I'm a technical dork and don't know how to enlarge it without distorting it... not the first picture, but the one near the bottom of that post, though I do love the first picture...

Thanks for taking this interesting little journey with worries...I go back to work next week, so I won't be as long-winded!



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Leigh Anne said...

I was nodding and agreeing and maybe drooling a little bit with so many of those comments. Are you my long lost sister? LOL.