Monday, October 6, 2008

Day 284...Tired

I'm tired, folks. Just feeling drained today. Crabby and drained. See what hormones will do to a gal? I feel like I need a good cry and a nap. Better than a box of Oreo's and a tub of soy cream, that's for sure. Of course I won't get ANY of that stuff...I'll have to settle on a bean burger and Monday night football. Eh, that sounds ok, too.




Fatinah said...

ha! I took a nap this afternoon, but mine was because I was so tired from swim class! Bean burger sounds way better than a tub of soy cream - I don't even know what that is!

Goal Digger said...

Must be the weather... I'm so tired too! Keep plugging along :)

carla said...

here's to ya if you stayed strong through the oreos...they are my weakness.


never had. thinking I shouldnt try it...dont need something new I adore :)