Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day 293...189

Jeez, I love having time off. I get to catch up on all of my favorite blogs, have time to find NEW blogs to read, and just generally glean a bunch of tasty tidbits of knowledge. Example (a la Pulp Fiction):

1. Today is LOVE YOUR BODY I love my body? I respect my body...still learning the love part

3. Here's a new blog I've found that's fab:

Ahhhh, what else? Very social week planned...last night I met up with some friends (including one who moved to JawJuh (Georgia) a few years ago at a local BOWLING ALLEY! Bowling alley, y'all! Two of the group are in a league and, so...well, it seemed like a good place to meet. Did ya know the bowling alley has a FULL bar?! The last time we were all together (about 2 years ago), we got kicked OUT of a bar. This time? Pretty tame in comparison. Only a few boobie flashes, and only one man who was presented for our consideration (politely declined). was lovely to see the girls's always nice to be able to commiserate with other wives/moms about the daily pleasures, trials and tribulations of life. The JawJuh mom did lap-band surgery a year ago, and holy crap, she looks amazing! Makes me want to do the lap band thingie, all know I wouldn't do it...too chicken...ANY-way, we laughed about how we now weigh less than what our driver's licenses list...and we LIED about our weight THEN! Too funny!

Today it's lunch with the husband at a special place he has picked out just for moi. I've got a play to see on Friday night, and (drum roll)'s SHOP-a-PALOOZA weekend!! Yeeeee-haw! Every year my sister, my daughter and daughter's best friend, go to the bay area with an obscene amount of money, stay overnight, and just shop to our heart's content. Not for Christmas...just for's my one indulgence for the year...still, I can't help but focus on the fact this year that I'm 10 pounds heavier than I was last year. *sigh* I went out for a little Shop-A-Palooza warm up yesterday, and...dang it! Those 10 pounds puts me up an entire size. Shizzle... Oh, well...I shall just enjoy being with my lovely sister, and make that my primary focus. The little girls are opting out this year, as my daughter HATES shopping, and finally confessed that she would be tortured if she had to go. Ok, so just me and my sister; sounds good, actually ;0)

What else??? Not much...

Enjoy this beautiful fall day, bloggers~



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Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

Heya, thanks for the link!

I just realized our drivers licenses no longer have weight listed. I guess they figured everyone lied ;-)