Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Day 292...189...

So, I've been super busy, super tired and just super-super. I got a promotion at work, though! Yippee! It'll take effect in January, when the new semester starts. I'm excited about it...I'll now be fully integrated into the special education department, and not just flirting around the edges of it.

Besides that, not a whole lot to report. Been on track with eating quite well, and am doing fine with that. I've been SO tired lately, though, that my exercise has suffered...I do have the rest of this week off and my plan is to get back on track. I've found that even 15 minutes 3x/day is helpful to keep me moving and feeling less tired. That's likely the culprit, eh?! I get tired, and want to sleep for that extra half hour instead of exercising in the morning, and yet that ends up making me MORE tired by the time evening comes. Silly me!

Got an email from my new cyber pal, Angie, last week, and I must confess I jumped down her throat with BOTH feet (I have since sincerely apologized) at a comment she made to me...a comment which was meant to be kind and supportive. Being the crankster that I am, however, I jumped on her. Still, it made me think... I was lamenting how HARD (insert whiny voice here) it is to lose weight and that I keep losing and gaining the same freaking 1o pounds! Her comment back to me was (paraphrasing): "Losing weight is a 'no brainer.' Just work hard!"

(Clearing throat...paraphrasing again) Well, I shot back... if losing weight were a "no brainer," I'd be 110 pounds by now. It'll take ME a little more than "effort" and "hard work" to lose.

So I started wondering...WHY was I so fired up by that comment? Is it REALLY just a matter of "hard work" and "effort?" Or does it go deeper than that? Was I offended because I know she's right? Was I miffed because she made me realize that despite whatever history I have with food, I AM in control of the choices I make? Is this REALLY a situation when it IS all about me?

I was in a "staff development" training yesterday (I think I'm "developed" enough, though...), and something one presenter said really struck me... she said: When we blame other people, we give our power away.


Dang it...Angie's right...mostly ;~)

Gawd, I LOVE being around people smarter than myself. Thanks, Angie!

Love to all,


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Angie All The Way said...

{{HUGS}} Don't worry about it at all! I struggle like you do and like everyone does and there are days when I get frustrated and pissed at my own advice because it's easier to think that we can't control it sometimes because it's easier to just believe that the external factors of life are making the calls and it's out of our hands. It was when I realized that I was selling myself short and that it had it completely backwards that I started winning.

I can't tell you how proud I am that you were able to see the underlying message - a message that took something that is one of the most difficult things to acheive and boiling it down to simple and logical terms. Putting it in simple terms does make it frustrating when you're not ready to hear it.

And I love what that person said about blaming others is giving our power away. HOLY FRIG! That is such a powerful and inspirational statement! It's sooooo friggin true too!