Thursday, September 25, 2008

Day 273...better...

Wow, do I have the most wonderful cyber friends, or what?! You all have such insight, wisdom and good old fashioned commiserative skills. You are all so wonderful!

Better today...don't know what changed, except my crappy attitude. I exercised this morning, which I DIDN'T yesterday, so I'm wondering if that helped. Of course I can't really call it "exercise" this morning, as I was walking at a snail's pace on the treadmill trying to finish a project for my principal, a little overdue...STILL, I congratulate myself on NOT skipping the "workout" to work, and instead stayed on track (ha, a pun!) and walked despite the snail's pace.

Ready for a REAL workout this afternoon; I have to change into workout clothes the second I get home, or...well, I may decide those breakfast dishes are more important than my health. And we all know THAT'S not true!

On a more serious note...I've been thinking of my blogging-pal, Kim... ... and her journey... she is so honest and real, and I love her for it. She's been talking a bit lately about how HARD it is to lose weight, but how much HARDER she thinks it's going to be to maintain her weight once it's all gone. She's also been lamenting the fact that she still has a few pounds to go, and that despite losing 70 (!!!!) pounds so far, those last few pounds may as well be 70 more due to the psychological weight of it all. I feel for her...I do, but I can't help doing a little happy jig in my head for the excitement she must feel at losing 70 pounds! So, she can worry, and I will dance, because I know she's going to be just fine. We all hit stumbling blocks, but we can move through it. She has, she will. I find a lot of inspiration in her. Check her out...

Also been thinking of my other blogging-inspiration, FATINAH ; talk about a cutie pie who is nearly ALWAYS positive and kicking butt on her workouts! I always smile when I read her posts. She's come a long way, and if you're in need of some attitude shift with regards to exercise, she's the go-to-gal.

I never thought I'd find "friends" in cyber space. But I have, and I love you all!

OH! Forgot to tell you... visited with my beloved ducks the other day! They're soooooo precious! I swear that somewhere in a tiny recess of their peanut brains, they recognize me! BUT, my male is being bad...he's chasing the blind ducks around and being aggressive with them. He and his girl had to be moved to another part of the yard...I hope he straightens himself out. Either that, or the sanctuary lady said she'd have to find another home for them. I can barely handle them being in THAT fabulous place...I can't even begin to think of them going anywhere else. Think positive...




Fatinah said...

a duck time out - that is kinda funny!

I really think doing any kind of exercise, even at a snail's pace, makes a difference. For me, it can completely make a difference on how I view the success (or failure) of the day.

I don't know how inspired anyone will be by my blog today - unless they are looking to go backwards!!

Oh, and even I would rather exercise than do dishes!! ;-)

Kim said...

You are too sweet, you know that? We're the ones that are lucky to have a friend like you! :)