Saturday, September 20, 2008

Day 268...feel as if I WEIGH 268!

Wow...I am just in a rut right now. I am barely making any efforts at all, and the siren song of food is very hard to resist right now. I'm wondering if I am subconsciously stressed? Why else would I feel this intense desire to eat, eat, eat? Hmmm...

Still exercising on a regular basis, so that's good...but...something in my little equation of success is missing. What is it?!

I've been sliding down the hill into FatCity since my reunion in mid July. 10 weeks now. Gaining a pound a week...WTF?!

I'm now at a weight where I'm SCARED. Will I gain it all back? I now have my (not so little) fat roll above my waistband back as a constant companion. Funny thing is, that roll has been BIG, BIG, BIG in my life, depending what weight I was currently entertaining at the time. I hardly noticed it leave (so quietly, so subtly, just slipped away...) back 10 pounds ago, but MAN, does he make a loud, stumbling-home-at-2 a.m.-drunk-through-the-back-door-with-someone-he-picked-up-from-the-bar-whilst-wearing-his-beer-goggles, ENTRANCE back into my life. I feel that roll constantly now, and it's driving me nuts.

What do you do to jar yourself back into getting on track? What does it take for you? I think I need a "scared straight" intervention. Can you help me, friends?

Help Me, Please~



Fatinah said...

Well, sadly, if I could scare you straight, I could do me too!! I can COMPLETELY, completely understand how you feel about that roll. I have been having the exact same thing....and all those old feelings of self hate have cropped back up. Which just makes me madder at myself. I was loving me. Where did the love go? I'm glad you joined the challenge. I don't "know" many people in it. Oddly I will feel even more accountable knowing that you will be knowing my progress. Hopefully the same will be true on your side.

Taking It One Step At A Time said...

Dear FatMom,
First of all, would you be willing to share your real name with me? I don't want to call you FatMom, that isn't who you are.
I too completely understand, and I DO weigh more than that, so some days are a real struggle. But, you have taken a big step by joining the challenge. Together we can find our way to thin...and a whole lot more.
If you are like me, this journey is not only about losing the weight, its about finding myself and being the best me I can be.
I wish you a good journey.

Anonymous said...

Sweetie, let this challenge be what lights your fire. We ALL have times when we have difficulty getting it together - I've been there since February. And I've put on 11 pounds since then.

Throw yourself into the challenge! Connect with bloggers - we'll support you!

Don't give up! Think of what you could accomplish by Christmas!

Jim said...

You asked:
"What do you do to jar yourself back into getting on track? What does it take for you? I think I need a "scared straight" intervention. Can you help me, friends?"

First, did anything change that might account for the gain? For example, did you start taking some medications that might cause a weight gain? Otherwise, my main suggestion would be a low-carb diet, with lots of water and some kind of fiber supplements. Best wishes.

jeannie* said...

Just try to take it one day at a time. We can do ANYTHING for one day. And once you get day #1 under your belt day #2 will be that much easier.

And honestly... I just try to ask myself what the other option is? And that is scary than eating well and working out.

Good luck! You can do it.