Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 251...I'll weigh in a few days...

Holy, holy crap, but things are boring right now. I have no drama to report that's interesting, no spectacular feats, no incredible teacher-student breakthroughs, no NOTHIN'. *sigh* I know it doesn't make for a very interesting blog, but rest assured, that tomorrow is another day, and surely SOMETHING will happen tomorrow.

So, I'll just randomly ramble...

I still miss my ducks something fierce. I still F*C&ing HATE who ever it was that called the county on me. I hope whomever it was is reincarnated as a pus filled hemerrhoid on my fat ass. No, I hope they're reincarnated AS a fatty. Wait, I hope they're a celebrity who gets FAT.

I got my face waxed again, and I only ended up with ONE tiny zit. That's good news.

I bought some contacts which "enhance" my natural eye color. Please. If you know me, you could totally tell. My eyes are VERY light blue. These make them ocean-ish blue. STILL, people who know me tell me they don't look crazy fake. So, I wear them on occasion. Kind of like dress up. I figure: hey, that's not totally my natural hair lips are not pinkish-terra cotta in color...that certain glow in my cheeks comes from a compact. SO, why not use some color enhancers? What's the difference between make up/hair color and embellishing my natural eye color?

I've been going to bed at 10 p.m. lately. I've found this makes it easy to get up at 5:45 a.m. If I go to bed at 10:30 or 11, I lay in bed kicking the mattress when the alarm goes off in the morning. Not a "zen like" way to start your day. So, 10 p.m. it is. And that's IN bed at 10 p.m., not mosey into the bathroom at 10, pluck gray hairs from head, apply all manner of facial cleansers, toners, acne cream (yes, I break out still), post acne fade cream, special eye crap, pluck stray hairs from chin/lip area, brush teeth, apply lip balm, lotion entire body, take out contacts and use prescription nasal spray. Oh, and work in a pee. By the time I do all that crap, it's 10:15. SO, 10 it is. Gotta be very strict.

Why do people trust me so much? This has happened to me my whole life. People assume I'm trustworthy. They give me their kids, they give me their cars, keys to their houses, their secrets. Why?

I want to see the new DeNiro/Pacino movie.

Gonna go out of town this fall several times. Looking forward to each one for different reasons.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by all that I have to do.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the following blog: check out her entry for September 3rd. You may recall I am a vegan, which is how I FOUND her blog, but I keep reading it because she's sooooooooooooo funny. Warning: she can be crude and use off color language, so, if you're very conservative, don't read it. BTW, why are are you reading THIS blog, then? So, stop.

Feeling comforted by a piece of brownie. Not good. BUT, I only ate one. Still not good, but, better than eating half a pan.

I've got to get myself together for tomorrow.

Love to all,


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