Monday, September 22, 2008

Day 220...feeling a bit better~

Hello, friends~

So, I am feeling a bit better today, and, actually...throughout the weekend. I did stay on track quite well this weekend, and that always makes me feel a lot better about EVERYTHING in my life. When my food is "in control," my LIFE is "in control." As soon as I start to feel out of control, for any reason, my eating reflects that.

But, what, friends, has happened to me these last couple of months. No, I have not taken any new medications. Nor have I done much different except slack off on my eating and exercise plan. Oh, DUH! That would do it, wouldn't it? Slacked off terribly like a 35 year old unemployed dope smoker still living at home? No, not that bad. More like a teenager rebelling just a bit. It's tough when you lose your mojo. *sigh* Got to figure out how to get it back.

DID join a new challenge! I'm excited to say that I've already "met" some new friends who have been very kind in their compassion towards me and my reluctant to leave poundage. Want to check out the challenge? Here's the link: Seems like a lovely group of peeps.

I read a discussion in yesterday's paper about Biggest Loser and how it actually messes a lot of viewers up and how it degrades the contestants. Now, unless you're a bit short in the brain cell department, you MUST realize that show is unrealistic from the standpoint of WHO can leave their families, sequester themselves for months on end, have the benefit of personal chefs, not having to work, being busted in the ass by the trainers constantly, et. al? Not many people, I'm afraid, can do that. And, I wonder, what happens to them AFTER the show? When they have to go back to "real" life and jobs, families, stress? Having to shop and cook for themselves? I wonder... Secondly, as far as degrading the contestants, I'm guessing they knew what they were in for when they went to the first call, and the call backs, and finally, when they were selected for the show. Not one of them seems lacking upstairs.

Still, how fun it is to see the weight drop off. To see that with good old fashioned hard work, it CAN be removed. That's the PHYSICAL side. I find the PSYCHOLOGICAL side of eating and of being fat far more difficult to remove. But I know it can be done. I've seen it. I've DONE it. I can CONTINUE to do it.

Thanks, everyone~


P.S.: Why does everyone get so upset over my name?'s not a big (ha! a pun!) deal.


Barb Kennedy said...

Glad to be joining you on this BLBE journey!

Great post! I love Biggest Loser and although I see some of the points of the article I think you are right - these people put themselves into the situation KNOWING what it will be like. And I think so much good is done.

Good luck!

Alexia @ The One Last Thing said...

I'm part of the challenge, but I don't actually watch the show. I watched a few minutes of the opener and saw Jillian humiliating and getting in people's faces and thought, nope, not for me! But that's what makes television, I guess.

But the BLBE folks are nice and actually supportive :-)

Angie All The Way said...

It's the mental side that gets ya every time. It's the mental side that creeps in there and gives us permission NOT to do what we should be doing to stay on track and that's why we're united for this challenge - to give our mental side the extra edge.

Glad your feeling better.

Yeah that's the thing about the show - those people are removed from real life and results like theirs isn't at ALL realistic. They do have some of the contestants from previous seasons come for the finale, but never anyone who's reverted back to old habits etc., but I suppose that's not inspiring is it?

Sara said...

I do have a problem with the biggest loser and was hellbent on not watching it this season, but, ahem, that didn't last. My problems do mimic the article but I still think that it is better to have a show showing weight loss than no show!

Fatinah said...

I often wish, at the beginning of each season, that if they are going to make a 2hr special, spend 30 minutes or so catching us up on past contestants. Losing is easy - we've all done it a million times. Keeping it off is hard, because that is where our heads come into play. At least that is how it is for me. Glad you're back on track......

Lori said...

Hello, just wanted to stop in and say hey. Glad to hear you a feeling a bit better. Boy have I been there. I am trying to re-lose weight... and it is not fun by any means. Hang in there with me :)