Saturday, June 21, 2008

Day 179...I'm BAAAACK! Weight? Holding steady...

Yipes, but it's been toooooooooooo long!! I've missed my online friends SOOO much!!! So many things have happened in the last month. I've been super busy...a few highlights:

1. Daughter enjoyed her class camping trip and didn't lose ONE tiny thing!

2. End of school came, and it all came out fine.

3. Birthday came and went with nary a blip on anyone's screen. Hmmm...

4. Graduation trip/vacation was ok. I felt sooo fat, though.

5. Continuing to work to get ready for next school year for a few more days. THEN, I'll relax for

about 5 weeks before I go back around August 1st to do a couple of more weeks of prep work.

6. Next year I'll have a child with Down syndrome, so I'm cramming to try to learn as much

about her and DS as I can!

7. I haven't done S&*# regarding exercise and weight loss since the beginning of MAY!!!!!

8. Daughter's neruopsych testing was...well, tough. She didn't/couldn't answer all the questions, so she just picked answers at random, which will more than likely produce an invalid test result due to her lack of participation. Grrr....

That's a quick synopsis of the good, the bad, the ugly and the indifferent.

On a related note, got some sucky news the other night... My FIL/MIL gave (yes, gave) me a nearly new van in December because, well, long story short...they were going to have to pay on a van that my SIL totaled, and they were so angry at her (for a LOT of reasons...all totally valid), that they didn't want her to have another vehicle that THEY were paying for. (They've purchased cars for both of my SIL's...they are losers! We've never asked for ANYthing from my in laws. Those two girls have sucked them DRY....they make their car payments, they help pay for their rent, they give them gas money at least once a week...we're talking about women who are in their mid thirties! I'm not joking here...)

ANY-way, in laws were going to have to continue to pay for a van whether they had one or not. So, they just picked up another van because it's better to pay for something someone can actually USE instead of paying for a "ghost" vehicle. They came over, unannounced, one night in December and just handed me the keys. No discussion before hand. Nothing. Just: Here...a gift! Well, you can imagine I was floored. I felt weird taking it, but knew that it was no skin of their nose...they were going to have to pay no matter what. So I was very grateful as my current van at the time was 11 years old and nearly on life support.

Well, fast forward 6 or so months, and my FIL has lost some accounts at his business. Guess what? FIL says: I can't pay for the van anymore. You're going to have to pay for it.

I'm upset. The reason WE didn't get a new vehicle was because we couldn't afford one. If we could have afforded one, we would have gotten one ourselves. So, HOW are we supposed to pay for this? $425/month? Yeah, right!

I never did get rid of my old van. It's still sitting in the driveway because I think I always knew in the back of my mind that this might happen. I just can't rely on others THAT much. Scares me. So, I have the very old (11 years old), ghetto van still. But it's going to die soon. It has 160,000 miles on it. Statistically it just can't last that much longer.

BUT, if we keep the new van and pay the $425/month for it, we can kiss the opportunity to order a pizza on Friday nights goodbye. And as far as taking off for a low budget weekend? Forget it. It will take everything we have to pay that. Do I really want that stress?

Grrr...but if I give it back to FIL and say: Here ya go! Thanks for the 6 months! won't I sound like a bitch? As in: Too bad for you! But then I think: hey, I had NO involvement in this vehicle purchase and NOW I'm responsible for something I never asked for in the first place! (BTW, the van is in FIL's name, not ours).





Fatinah said...


First off - I'm so glad to hear from you - I was really wondering!!!!!!!!

I kept checking back in case bloglines wasn't working....

I personally would be VERY tempted to give back the van - there is no way I could come up with $425 in a month......keep us posted on how that works out - what does hubby think?

angelfish24 said...

Haven't been around much to your thought I'd visit as I saw your commment on Kim's site.

If you can't afford the van, I would give it back but of course, in a nice way...saying, we can't afford it and your reasons. Seems fair to me and you seem to be under no obligation cause it's not in your name.

Deborah said...

I'm with anglefish on this one. You didn't ask for it and it is in FIL's name so I feel it is his responsibility not yours. If we take on another debt because of someone else's problems we'd never be able to afford anything.

Hope everything goes well with the new kid.

Sounds like you're a teacher. Is that right? I'm a retired teacher.