Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Day 183...182 pounds of weepy FatMom...

So, I found a duck sanctuary to take my beloved babies. It's an hour away. She rehabilitates ducks, and releases the ones that are "wild." The "domesticated ones" are found new homes. She keeps the ones too ill/old/injured to be adopted out. She has a pond. And an electric fence. 4 acres. She also has a shed she can lock them into at night for an extra measure of protection. She won't separate my two. She won't ever adopt them out. Says I can visit whenever I want.

But I'm still crying.

I'm trying to be positive. They'll have new friends. They'll have a real pond. They can raise a little family.

I know I'm just being selfish. I love them. I've never felt such unadulterated joy as I have with them. They always seem happy. They're always excited to see me. They don't want anything from me except a mud puddle. When I go out to the lawn to be with them, they'll curl up next to me and sleep while I read. Their chests pushed up against me...the softest thing you've ever felt outside of your own child's skin. The pure joy they exude when they swim around in their pool, splashing like a one year old baby in the sink...ahhhh, such happiness! And when they cock their heads to the sides to look at something...I'm telling you, you've never seen anything so adorable that didn't come from your own body.

Saturday morning...that's when they'll go. I sure hope whoever it was that called, is happy.




Fatinah said...

poor Fatmom. what a tough thing to have to go through. their new home certainly sounds like it will be a nice place they can live happily. try to focus on that.

Jodie said...

Some people make me so mad. I am so sorry that someone reported your ducks. It must be awful to have to give them up.