Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Day 14...181 pounds

Ah, I'm a wee bit sore today. I hit the gym the last few days (as promised, folks!), and things are going well. I have definitely lost some of my fitness over the last couple of months that I half-heartedly went to the gym...and it shows. On the PLUS side, when you're in not such great shape, it's easy to measure your success at the beginning! So, yesterday and today I did 3.3 miles each day, running at a pace that a toddler could likely beat, but...hey...it's a (new) start.

Food has been excellent!! I'm so excited! Doing very well with the whole eating thing. I'm at 181 now, so...2 more pounds to reach my (previous) low, and then I'm only gaining ground from there.

Reading "The Beck Diet Solution" right now as part of a book club. Nifty book! And, ohhhh, isn't "Biggest Loser" on tonight? Oh, lucky me!

Nothing too "meaty" to write about right now. WAIT! I just thought of something...I was at they gym today, and I SWEAR, this guy was flirting with me! I think he was. Well, maybe? I have no idea, it's been sooo long for me. Whatever... Hoping everyone is well and that they're enjoying their new year~




Kim said...

Good for you for turning things around!! Sounds like you are on your way to a new all time low!! :)

Fatinah said...

awesome job at the gym!