Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day 1...I'm Baaaaaack!


I've really missed everyone in blogsville! I used to enjoy my blog and I'd write in it every day...but then I felt it had become toooooo negative; way too focused on my (very) personal life and less focused on my weight loss journey. I aim to remedy all that by beginning a new...

Since deleting my previous blog, I managed to slide down into the high 170's, from a high of 220. Now, mind you, that wasn't my ALL TIME highest weight...nope, that was around 250. I think...I stopped weighing myself when I got to around 240. My life was a mess; my joints hurt; I huffed and puffed with even the mildest exertion; my husband was disgusted by me and was threatening divorce (or infidelity); I was worried I wouldn't see my kids grow up; I would gasp for air when I laid flat on my back at night; my heart developed a weird rhythm; I was sickened by what I looked like; my back hurt; my feet ached like crazy...I could go on and on...

I got myself down to around 220 from that awful high, but I was still grossly overweight, of course. I was never quite ready to do anything about it, though. Until May of last year. THEN I was ready. There was no epiphany. No burning bush. No threats. No nothing. I just finally realized I wanted to be HEALTHY. I didn't want to be skinny; I didn't want to be thinner for an event; I just wanted to be as healthy as I could.

So, I watched how much I ate; I'm a vegan...yes, you can get really fat even if you're a I went back to eating as a vegan SHOULD eat...lots of vegetables, fruit and whole grains. Less natural peanut butter and tortilla chips! I began to exercise with a passion! I went from huffing and puffing as I crossed the street to running (yes, running) 5+ miles quite easily. I'd lost 41 pounds, but then decided to eat my way through the month of December, stop exercising, because jeez, I'm just SOOOO busy (sarcasm) and WHOOPS! here I am back at 192. Gained 13 pounds in less than a month! It IS possible, y'all, as I am living proof.

I will get back on track. Beginning right now.

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